I am a London based artist and currently artist in residence for the City and Guilds of London Art School

Central to my practice is the notion of a painting as a cultural artefact. At first these are paintings about paintings: images that oscillate between artefact and artifice. Certain questions emerge about the replication of the image, craft of the artist and certainty of the viewer. 

Notions of authenticity lie at the heart of my artistic enquiry. I find myself looking for evidence of the real thing. Artists materials such as masking tape and paper are rendered in paint to appear as taped or pinned on a wooden surface, a practice that refers to a specific form of illusionism that proliferated in 17th century Northern Europe called quodlibet (what you will). As Jean Baudrillard wrote in The System of Objects: “We are fascinated by what has been created…because the moment of creation cannot be reproduced.”